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Replacement Cartridge Filters For
EOS, KYK, IonQuench
Water Ionizers

Our filters are made by EOS, the premier filter manufacturer in Korea. They are known for making the highest quality filters like the ones you will find in the EOS Genesis Platinum water ionizers. They fit all KYK water ionizers, Lydia brand  and even the Ionquech water ionizer. Our filters comes with a premium activated carbon filter as well as a brand new specialized media filter to improve the filtration of fluoride and heavy metals. Our filters are programmed to filter 4000L on the filter #1 and 8000L of the filter #2. EOS has found that a higher capacity is really not better. 

KYK Genesis 25000

KYK Genesis 30000

EOS Genesis Platinum

EOS Equus Genesis

IonQuench 8080

Shipping is FREE in USA with orders over $100.00


These filters fit KYK machies made before 2014

KYK/EOS/Lydia/IonQuench Filter # 1 4000L


KYK/EOS/Lydia/IonQuench Filter # 2 8000L


KYK/EOS/Lydia/IonQuench Filter# 1 & Filter #2


Genesis Platinum Filter Combo - 2 Filter #1 & 1 Filter #2



Our filter comes with a premium activated carbon filter as well as a brand new specialized media filter to improve the filtration of fluoride and heavy metals.

Filter Life
1st filter: can handle about 4,000ℓ or 6 months, 2nd filter: can handle 8000 liters or 9 months. Filters that offer more than 4000L of filtration for filter #1 offers a false sense of security. The first filter is doing most of the work of the two filters and for all practical purposes will give you 4000L of filtration.

Filter Material
1st filter: Antibiotic one-side filter, Zeomic, Noxious Odor Calcium, Active Carbon (with silver added), Sediment filter

2nd filter: Antibiotic one-side filter, Granular Activated Carbon, Active Carbon with silver added.

Smart Filtration Technology
Microchips are built into the outside of the filter casings which monitor filter life & contamination levels and indicate the exact time to change your filter.

Shipping is FREE in USA with orders over $100.00

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