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Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizers

Alkaviva Venus Alkaviva Melody II Alkaviva Athena H2 Alkaviva Vesta H2
IE-900 Ionizer Athena Classic JS-205
  Alkaviva Vesta 9 Plate Ionizer  
Life AlkaFresh 5100 Vesta 9 Plate Delphi Alkaviva Melody
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Countertop 7 plate Countertop 9 plate Under sink 7 plate Under sink 9 plate
LIFE M7 Next Generation Countertop LIFE M9 Next Generation Countertop LIFE M7 Next Generation Under Counter LIFE M9 Next Generation Under Counter
Tyent MMP-7070 Tyent MMP-9090   Tyent 9000UCE
EOS Genesis Platinum EOS Genesis Platinum 9 Plate EOS DNA 9 Plate EOS Revolution
Chanson Miracle MAX 7 Plate Chanson Miracle MAX 9 Plate    
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11 Plate Countertop Models 11 Plate Under counter modls
LIFE M11 Next Generation Tyent RETTIN UCE 11 Plate Countertop TYENT RETTIN UCE 11 Plate Undercounter LIFE M11 Next Generation Undercounter
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Non Electric Alkaline Water Ionizers
H2Go Waterman Alkaline Water Pitcher AOK Portable Water Ionizer AOK 909 Alkalzer  

We have replacement filters for the following water ionizers that we no longer carry

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There are several models of water ionizers on the market today, some are way too expensive like the $4,000 Leveluk models from Enagic a multi-level marketing corporation. We believe that  they are way over priced and unnecessary. Others are inexpensive like the models coming from China, which you may have to replace in five years or so. We have decided therefore to offer our customers water ionizers that represent the highest quality and reasonable prices. These units are all considered high end models and we feel that they represent the best investment for your family's health. The best investment you will ever make! Water is the greatest fundamental in health; more important than vitamins, minerals, etc. These machines will do more for you than any other appliance in your home. That's how strongly we feel about it. If you can't afford one we suggest that you sell your TV, or your ipod phone, or postpone your vacation and then use the proceeds to buy one. Yes we are that serious and you should be too. Lets be honest and logical, since we are 70% water what else could we possibly spend our money on that is more important than the best water? Let me tell you: nothing else.

It is amazing to see the rich and famous being diagnosed with cancer or some other life threatening degenerative disease every year. They have access to the best health care and there homes have every modern convenience imaginable, but I can guarantee you that most of them do not have an alkaline water ionizer in their homes. How silly. I wrote to Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate John Edwards about getting one of these machines and asked her to become a national advocate for alternative health by showing that you can beat cancer without traditional medicine, but I suspect that they have too much at stake with the current medical establishment. I don't know about you, but I don't need the poisons being pushed by the medical/pharmaceutical establishments. We are not deficient in medicines my friends. Our forefathers lived many years of vibrant lives without medication. I was even shocked to see someone like Peter Jennings, as informed as he was, let cancer take him down like that. You would think that he was a little better informed than that. They must be paying these people to stick with medicines; I just can't understand it.

Well friends it comes down to choices and you can do what you want with your lives but I would not take medication even if it was free. Our priorities are all messed up and we are incredibly misinformed. The fact that I must warn you that the opinions expressed here on this site is our own, and that the FDA have not evaluated these statements and that you should seek medical advice from your medical doctor should tell you why we are so misinformed and who is in control. We actually do recommend that you work with a health care professional for guidance preferably an alternative health professional. 

Some of These Models Below Are No Longer Sold - The current models are listed above

The IE-900
The IE-900 water ionizer can produce the full spectrum of alkaline and acid water from high alkaline to super acid water. This is a State Of The Art, high end system which is the only ionizer in our lineup that can produce super acid water (below ph 3.0). This is a technology that only a few manufacturers in the world have been able to master on a residential water ionizer. It is not designed to produce an endless amount of super acid water as in the case of commercial water ionizers, but it is capable of producing sufficient quantities for residential use. Having the use of super acid water is an important consideration for many of our customers who have chosen to go with the IE-900. You would be able to replace chemical cleaners that leaves a toxic residue with the antiseptic action of super acid water. It is great for plants and for cleaning cuts, sores and burns as shown on our alkaline water video page. One woman said that she was amazed to see her pimples just fell of her face after a couple weeks of use. For more information click on IE-900 water ionizer

Jupiter Orion
The Orion water ionizer is attractive to many of our customers who likes its space age look. It goes well with the other stainless steal appliances in their kitchen, but the Orion has more to offer than just looks. The Orion is one of the most advanced water ionizers on the market today. It is  optimized to  produce high pH alkaline water and come with great innovative new technology and the sensational Biostone filter that makes it a very smart choice. Customers also like the five year warranty that comes with these systems. You won't be disappointed. Jupiter water ionizers have stood the test of time and have proven to be durable and reliable. For more information click on the Jupiter Orion water inoizer.

The Jupiter Aquarius
The Aquarius water ionizer and the Orion are the same on the inside. They only have different covers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many of our customers have voted for the Aquarius. It comes with all the great features mention above for the Orion. Like the Orion, the Aquarius is also optimized to  produce high pH alkaline water and come with great innovative new technology, the Biostone filter, and a five year warranty that makes it a very smart choice. What we would lie to add here is that you won't have to pay anywhere near the $4,000 people are shelling out for the Kangen water system. Jupiter water ionizers have stood the test of time and
have proven to be durable and reliable. For more information click on the Jupiter Aquarius water ionizer.

7 Plate KYK Genesis 30000
This machine is a winner. You should definately consider this one as you search for a new alkaline water ionizer. With two extra plates on this baby you get 40% stronger ionization to combat hard water! Those of you in New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, South Florida, Utah, Texas, Southern Nevada, and on wells -- this is a better machine for you!  It may be possible to get even extreme pH values on this machine 11.5 pH and 2.5 pH, for cleaning and disinfectant uses depending on your source water. The savings alone will make you healthy. For more information click on KYK Genesis 30000  

Life Ionizer 7500
This is the latest high end counter top ionizer from Life Ionizers. It comes with 7 platinum coated titanium electrolysis, nine stage dual filter system, and a more powerful SMPS power supply than its predecessor the Life Ionizer 5000. The Life 7500 is a better machine than the Life 5000 and is worth the added investment. Furthermore you can get two new optional features with both the Life 7500 and the Life 8000. These optional features are UV radiation and/or MESH plates. For more information click on the Life Ionizers 7500

The Life Ionizer 8000
This is the latest undersink ionizer from Life Ionizers. It comes the same components as the Life Ionizer 7500 with a very stylish faucet design. If you are looking for an undersink model and you have a small family you can stick with the Life Ionizer 7000 and save $500, but if you will be using a lot of alkaline water then you should go with the Life Ionizer 8000. Both the Life 7500 and the Life 8000 comes with a 5 year warranty. For more information click on the Life Ionizers 8000

The Life Ionizer 5000
The Life Ionizer 5000 with an impressive twin filters that plus a pre-filter that ensures super clean water which helps to generate the great pH and great negative ORP.  Running water through multiple filtration devices results in cleaner water entering the electrolysis chamber of the machine where the water is then ionized. If your focus is on drinking the cleanest water then you should consider this model. Of course you can duplicate this feature ob other ionizers by using prefilters, but for some people it is less hassle to simply have two filters on board. For more information click on Life Ionizers 5000

The Life Ionizer 7000
Life Ionizer 7000 is the newest in our lineup of great water ionizers. Like the Life Ionizer 5000, the 7000 also comes with two filters installed as well as a prefilter giving you three separate filters through which water is channeled and cleaned before being ionized. It has unique, and cutting edge features that many customers have been seeking. It comes with a unique and innovative under sink main body and space saving countertop spout which lets you get both alkaline and acid water through separate outlets. For more information click on the Life Ionizers 7000

Replacement Cartridge Filters & Accessories
After finding our company on the Internet, many customers complained to us that they purchased a water ionizer several years ago, but the company they got it from went out of business and they were having trouble getting the replacement filter cartridge for their alkaline microwater machine.  Well you will be pleased to know that we not only carry replacement filter cartridges for all the water ionizers that we sell, but also for other models as well. We also carry various accessories such as faucet diverters, hoses, spouts, ORP meters, alkaline water pH testing kits, etc. For more information click on Replacement Cartridge Filters & Accessories 


The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.

















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