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Ionic Cellular Detox Foot Bath

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Friends, we cannot tell you how long we wanted to bring you the Ionic Cellual Detox Foot Bath. After much research we have settled on this model which we believe to be the best value on the market today. The ionic foot bath has now been accepted as potent form of detoxifying by renown alternative health practitioners like Dr. Brian Clement director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, the foremost alternative health clinic in the USA. We don't always agree with Dr. Clement, but agree in this case and many other areas. In fact we would much rather use Dr. Clement's health solutions rather then ingest the best medicines from big pharma. That is our opinion and you don't have to follow it. You can navigate this page using the following links:

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You might see many skeptics saying that the color of the bath changes even if no feet is submerged in the water. That is true and there is an explanation for that, so please read all the information on this page. This machine works when it comes to cellular detox.

The Advantages of the Ionic Cellular Detox Foot Bath

1. Increase energy and reduce stress.
2. Signific pain relief
3. Improve memory and sleep
4. Enhance lmmune system
5. Blood ciruclation
6. Body PH balance
7. Weight control
8. Internal cleansing with full body purge

1.Adapting microprocessor PDY chip manufactured by ATMEL CORPORATION OF USA in the mainboard.
2. Passed international test and gained CE, LC(which include CSA and UL ) and IECCA.
3. Two years warranty.
4. Patent for protect all of our distributors.
5. AOK brand has a good reputation. It gains the trust from more and more customers. Many of our distributors have cooperated with us for 3-5 years and get large profit each year.

There is no any MOQ limits for your order since we are a manufacturer. You can place a trial order for test at first, the market is very potential & high profit.

Generating Ions

An ion is a charged atom that has gained or lost an electron which creates a magnetic field capable of attaching to and neutralizing oppositely charged particles. These neutralized particles are extracted from the body through the process called osmosis. Osmosis is a scientific term that is used to describe the movement of particles through a membrane from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration. In this case, the higher concentration refers to the ion field that is set up by placing the array into the water while running the unit.

The array is placed into the water alongside the hands, feet, or body while the power supply delivers a low level direct current to the array. This causes the metals within the array in combination with water and salt to generate positively and negatively charged ions by separating oxygen and hydrogen in the water.

The practitioner determines the polarity setting through the use of litmus paper (pH strips) or muscle testing. We speculate that ions generated by the IonCleanse travel through the body attaching themselves to a multitude of toxic substances, thereby neutralizing their positive or negative charge. It may be possible to reduce pain and other symptoms caused by a lifetime of toxic buildup in the body (assuming the symptoms are caused by toxic buildup). The long-term effectiveness of the IonCleanse detoxification process depends on other life-enhancing changes a person is willing to make.

The above photos show the results of independent IonCleanse sessions. The photo on the left shows the results after the unit was run for 30 minutes using only the array system. The photo on the right shows the results after the unit was run for 30 minutes using the array system, along with a person's feet submerged in the water for the entire session. The photo on the right shows that many more colors and solids are present as compare to the baseline session.

Note: The unit was run for 15 minutes in the positive polarity, 10 minutes in the negative polarity, and 5 minutes in the positive polarity; plain tap water was used during both sessions.

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The Meaning of Positive and Negative

For the purpose of Ionic Cellual Detox Foot Bath discussions, positive and negative relate to electrical rather than chemical phenomena.

When the Ionic Cellual Detox Foot Bath is set to positive, the current is directed to the positive pole, which results in the production of more negative ions in the water. Therefore, a positive polarity generates a negative ion flow which, we believe, raises blood pH from acidic toward alkaline.

When the Ionic Cellual Detox Foot Bath is set to negative, the current is directed to the negative pole, which results in the production of more positive ions in the water. Therefore, negative polarity generates a positive ion flow which, we believe, lowers blood pH from alkaline toward acidic.

Approximately 95% of people in this culture experience a state of acidity; that is, their bodies contain an excess of hydrogen ions, and their blood pH is lower than 7.45. These people will greatly benefit from exposure to high concentrations of negatively charged ions. However, we have found through muscle testing that most people prefer a mixture of positive and negative ions in each Ionic Cellual Detox Foot Bath session.

Colors and Objects in the Water

Many colors and objects appear in the water during Ionic Cellual Detox Foot Bath sessions. There is a reaction between the toxins and particles in the water, the salt added to the water, the metals in the array, and the acidity or alkalinity of the person being bathed. All of these combine to produce color, whether or not feet are in the water. The basic color produced by these reactions varies from one geographic area to another.

It is important to understand that the water will change color even if the unit is operating without feet in the water. The basic color change is a result of the reaction between all of the variables in the water and the array, as discussed above. This color change will vary in accordance with the toxic and chemical components of the water and air given a particular geographical area.

The toxins in our bodies will look the same as the toxins predominant in a specific area; however, there will be more toxic particles in the water with feet in it. You will also find that water-based toxins will not stick to the side of the bucket and array, whereas substances pulled from the body will form a sticky ring that must be removed with a detergent.

However, through many tests, we have found that the residue in the bucket is easily rinsed off if the unit operates without feet in the bucket. In addition, the residue produced while a person's feet are bathed has been found to stick to the bucket and cling to the array. The bucket will then require some type of scouring powder or soap in order to be thoroughly cleaned.

We have also found that a person's detoxification session will override the geographical toxicity of the water. Based on EAV (Electro Acupuncture by Voll) testing, the following table shows what we believe the colors in the water to represent:

Particle    Material or Area of the Body
   Yellow-green    Detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract,
   female/prostate area
   Orange    Detoxifying from joints
   Brown    Detoxifying from liver, tobacco, cellular debris
   Black    Detoxifying from liver
   Dark green    Detoxifying from gallbladder
   White foam    Lymphatic system
   White cheese-like particles    Most likely yeast
   Black flecks    Heavy metals
   Red flecks    Blood clot material

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F.A.Q Ionic Cellular Detox foot Bath

1.  Q:What does the water color change really mean?

1. A: Here is an excerpt (from the manufacturer) about the water color changes that might help you better understand what is happening:

When the water becomes excited it ejects these tiny particles, and they become visually observable in the water. This will tend to make the water look dirty brown. Of course, just how dirty the water becomes is related to how much sediment is in the actual water. When you test a bucket of water to see this principle (with no body parts in the water), how dirty it actually becomes will generally be the same each time you use a new bucket of water from the same source. If you were to run this test over and over again but with a different person's feet in the water each time, what happens to the water can be amazingly different. Sometimes the water will be dirtier, and sometimes cleaner. Without taking the individual whose feet are in the water into account; the whole color change seems completely random. But of course it is not. Only after a lot of observation do you begin to see what you already knew right from the start. It is the health of the person that plays the vital role in conjunction with the water. We have covered the flow of living energy in relation to the health of the person and the quality of the water, so have you worked out what's going on yet? In this instance, let's say you are using the same quality water for each Ion Cleanse treatment so we can understand what's happening in the water a little easier. The quality of the water we use also contains a little sediment so when we test it in a bucket it turns brown as opposed to light brown or dark brown; so it's about midway in browns when it comes to color change. If you were performing Ion Cleanse treatments, it is always a good thing to test a bucket of water to see what color it may go as a reference to help understand the color after a treatment.

Because everybody's ability to absorb energy is different, the reaction of the water is also going to be different. Remember, good health - better energy ability, poor health - not so good energy-wise. It is this factor that the water reacts to. Don't forget that the water is also wanting to keep some energy for itself, it desires energy just as much as you do. This means the energy created by the water is going to have to be shared by both you and the water. If you are in reasonable shape you're going to be able to get your fair share of energy, but if you're not so good you're only going to be able to absorb the amount your body can handle with the rest being kept by the water. This is where the battery principle once again comes into the equation. When your battery is damaged you can only absorb a small amount of energy. In this case the water gets to keep the energy for itself. The water can then use this energy to dislodge the sediment and clean itself. So people with poor health tend to have a water color after treatment that would be a dark brown. We also notice that if the person continued with the Ion Cleanse treatment that the water would become a lighter color as treatments progressed. On the other hand, if we treat a healthy person with the Ion Cleanse treatment, the water may only change to a very light brown because the healthy person can absorb their fair share of the energy produced by the water. In the end it comes down to a balancing act between the water and the person, taking into account how much energy the person can absorb and how much energy the water needs to dislodge its impurities. Of course, this is a simple explanation of the energy exchange. It can get a little more complicated because it also depends on how much energy your water quality can produce, it depends on whether your battery is damaged or just low. All these factors affect what happens during the treatment.

NOTE: While the color changes in the water can be dramatic, it is not the most important factor and one must be careful about making any judgments based only on the water color. Some waters do not change color and it is not always an indicator of whether energy is being produced The best indicator that may be found in the water after a treatment would be an oily substance located on the container at water level. It generally contains materials released from the outer layers of the skin. Another indicator after treatment can be found in the color change in the urine of the individual treated. Body function is increased which results in the darker coloring of the urine. A darker coloring of urine can also be seen after eating because the body is processing waste materials, after a treatment even though no food has been consumed the extra energy seems to activate waste product or toxin removal evident by it presence in the urine.

Many different colors and objects may appear in the water during a treatment: yellow-green, orange, brown, black, dark green, white foam, white cheeselike particles, black flecks, red flecks, bubbles of differing colors, brown particles.

What Healing benefits?

The human body is electric because our cells are electric. Disorders and diseases of the body have vibrational frequencies that are incompatible with healthy cells; thus, they disrupt the cells' natural oscillation and polarity. This disruption creates imbalance and chaos within each affected cell. When cells are in an imbalanced state, they are unable to facilitate the body's functions needed for healing, including ridding itself of heavy metals, parasites and other toxins. But when cells are fully charged, they have more oxygen and are able to experience electrical balance, which results in a feeling of a healthy attitude, vitality, well-being, and enables the body to heal itself. This balance increases our sense of awareness and our sense of the mind/body/spirit connection. Darkfield studies have shown the machine significantly improves oxygen levels.

Studies show that an overall balancing effect occurs, along with a significant increase in the number of negative ions. Ions are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained electrons [Free radicals are unpaired electrons]. If the atoms or molecules lose electrons, they become positively charged ions. If they gain electrons, they become negatively charges ions. The ionic technique of cleansing thru feet provides a full body purge of all vital organs, resulting in reduced menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, sexual health problems, skin problems, acne, sleep problems, restlessness, stress, toothaches, vaginal dryness, wrinkles, candida and yeast infections. The internal cleansing also results in faster disease healing and injury recovery..

See partial list of

Liver Detoxification

Purge Heavy Metals

Increase Energy and Reduce Stress

Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge

Improve Sexual Health

Significant Pain Relief

Improve Memory and Sleep

Liver, Kidneys and Parasite Cleanse

Wrinkles, Acne & other Skin Problems

Enhance Immune System

Water has an almost perfect balance of positive and negative ions. Since the body is composed of about 70% water, its ability to interact with water is very high. When you immerse a body mass into water, the vibrational frequency of the water will affect the vibrational frequency of the body due to the interaction of the magnetic and electrical fields. Consequently, the ION CELL CLEAN Spa unit is one of the best detox products. It is an exceptionally wonderful and natural healing tool. It is painless, with no drugs, and no harmful side effects.

skin and beauty applications

Rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints, yellow-green and blotched complexions often indicate a buildup of tissue acid wastes inside the body. Several lonCleanse sessions along with dietary modifications have been shown to substantially reduce and even eliminate these conditions

Ionic Cellual Detox Foot Bath

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