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Shipping Information


We use Priority Mail for most domestic orders. Orders made before 3pm are generally shipped the same day. Orders made on Saturday or Sunday are shipped on Monday. The only other exception to our same day shipping is when we are out of stock. We believe Priority Mail is actually faster than ground shipping from the big three UPS, FedEx, DHL, and so do many of our customers. Our customers are simply amazed at how fast we ship.  Thank you for choosing AlkalizingNutrition.com.

Domestic Shipping Rates | International Shipping Rates


We offer three flat rate shipping rates for orders which ship to locations within the United States. The shipping rates are based on the dollar amount of your order, and they are as follows:

Total Amount of Your Order  Flat Rate Shipping & Handling Cost
$0.01  -  $49.99 $7.95
$50.00  - $74.99 $8.95
$75.00  - $99.99 $9.95
$100.00  - Up $0.00 (FREE for USA orders)

Our customers tell us that they really appreciate our affordable rates especially the free rate.

Suggestion: Get together with family, friends, neighbors or coworkers and make one order of all your items, so you can take advantage of our free shipping.  


We would like to give you all the shipping options that you may be accustomed to when shipping your own packages. As we all know the US Postal Service doesn't cover customers for lost packages unless they purchased insurance. Although we ship every package with delivery confirmation,  we only insure Water Ionizers. If you would like your package to be insured please select the appropriate charge from the schedule below. In 99.99% of the time your package arrives in tact and without incident and most customers opt not to buy insurance. In fact most customers never even think about insurance. However some customers have asked us to include this option and we want to give those customers the convenience of this option.

International Insurance

Since being in business we have never had one incident of a lost or damaged package that was mailed by the US Post Office to an overseas location. We have successfully shipped packages to almost every country in the world including Australia, Britain, Netherlands, Spain, France, Israel, etc. For this reason we see absolutely no reason to include any insurance rates options for international shipments. If you feel like you would like your product insured please let us know by email and we will see what we can do about accommodating your request.


Here is how we charge for international shipping. Either place your order or tell us by email or phone what you would like to order and we will let you know how much dollars worth of shipping you would need to pay. We will email you a link to this page where you can select the appropriate shipping cost option below. If you choose to place an order before asking us about the shipping cost, we will refund your full purchase amount if you do not agree with the shipping charge.

We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for all international shipments unless you specify another carrier. Also we will ship your package via Airmail Parcel Post, Airmail letter Post or Priority Mail International, but you can specify which one you prefer. You can also let us know if you would like us to ship your items via Express International Priority Mail.


Options  Shipping Charge Selections
1) International Shipping Charge -  $1.00  *
2) International Shipping Charge -  $2.00  *
3)  International Shipping Charge -  $3.00  *
4) International Shipping Charge -  $4.00  *
5) International Shipping Charge -  $5.00   *
6) International Shipping Charge -  $10.00  *
8) International Shipping Charge -  $15.00  *
9) International Shipping Charge -  $20.00  *
10) International Shipping Charge -  $25.00  *
11) International Shipping Charge -  $30.00  *
12) Special  Filter Order -  $80.00 
12) Special Shipping Charge -  $180.00  *
* If you select this shipping charge when making you purchase, please note that the normal domestic shipping rates listed above will still apply depending on the total amount of your purchase (eg. if the total amount is $100.00 or over no additional shipping charge will be added to your order.)

International customers please notify us by email if you want Express delivery and we will make arrangements for the additional charge.































































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