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E3Live BrainOn™ Supreme
(Frozen liquid)
Here you find the "Molecule of Love"
You don't need to feel depressed anymore


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E3Live BrainOn™ Supreme is supercharged. It consists of the same all organic/wild liquid live frozen E3Live with a proprietary extract from AFA that contains four times as much PEA added to it than the regular E3Live BrainOn which already has a significant amount of PEA. PEA also known as the "molecule of love" - is naturally produced in the brain, especially when we are in love or experiencing intense happiness and joy. PEA has been shown to enhance concentration, attention and create a feeling of well being. When taken daily, E3Live BrainOn™ Supreme may increase the quality of your life.

Turbo Charge Your Brain:
Get even more of a boost with If you need to give a presentation under pressure, if you need to do well on a test, if you must excel at a job interview then charge your brain with E3Live BrainON®.  It can balance your mood and increase your focus and attention, so you can shine everyday in demanding situations. Be at your best everyday in stressful times. PEA has been shown to enhance concentration, attention and create a feeling of well being.
It should be noted that all of the E3Live products have this mental clarity effect; BrainOn simply has more of the stuff that affects brain function.

E3Live BrainOn Scientific Studies
Scientific studies have shown that PEA is deficient in the brains of many people suffering from depression and autism. Taken orally, PEA is known to readily cross the blood-brain barrier and be immediately available in the brain. Most commonly reported benefits of PEA are increased attention, elevated mood and overall improvement of the quality of life. For more detailed scientific description click on E3Live BrainOn pdf.

In the flavored BrainOn a light flavoring of organic apple and lemon has been added resulting in a refreshing citrus taste that isn't overwhelming or over-sweet.

E3Live BrainOn Selection
As with all of the live frozen E3Live products you can buy from six to 24 bottles of the E3Live BrainOn. Most people go with 6 bottles, but others find having an ample supply on hand keeps them consistent and cost less per unit. It is only available in 8oz bottles. Customers have found that the new 8oz bottles are more convenient for weekly consumption.

Serving Size: Ranges from 1 teaspoon (1/4 ounce) per day, and up. Most people begin at 1 tablespoon a day (1/2 ounce). We suggest drinking a few ounces of pure water after each use. For Maximum Results & Benefits: Once you've used the suggested starting amount for a couple of weeks, we recommend using roughly 1 bottle per week to receive maximum results.

Suggested Use: To protect freshness, keep frozen. When ready to consume, measure a defrosted portion of E3Live BrainOn® into another container, enough for approximately a 7-day supply, and store in the coldest area of your refrigerator compartment for ongoing daily use. Place the remaining frozen portion, still in the original bottle, in your freezer compartment until you need to replenish your daily reserve by defrosting another 7-day supply. For fast defrost, place bottle in cool water outside of refrigerator for about 15 minutes. For slower defrost, place full bottle in refrigerator compartment for a few hours, then pour off 7-day supply into another container and place in refrigerator compartment. Store the remaining frozen portion (original bottle) in freezer compartment.

Important: In defrosted liquid state, E3Live BrainOn Supreme must be kept cold and refrigerated at all times to maintain its freshness. Shelf-life out of freezer in refrigerator is between 7 to 10 days.

E3Live BrainOn Supreme

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E3Live | E3AFA | Enzymes Supreme | Renew Me | BrainOn Capsules & Flakes | 3Live BrainOn | Probiotics | StemEnhance

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