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Rainshow'r Shower Filters

One of the only remaining shower filters still made in the USA!


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Why Remove Chlorine From Bath Water?

It's time for a Rainshow'r chlorine free bath. Yes enjoy a nice clean bath without the offending presence of chlorine. In World War I Chlorine was used by the Germans to kill enemy solders. It attacked the lungs by causing a burning sensation chest pains then death by suffocation. Chlorinated bath water not only kill bacteria, it also attacks your  hair, skin, and lungs leaving hair dry and brittle and making your skin flaky and itchy. It can also trigger negative reactions in children, the elderly, and people with chlorine-sensitivity. Below please find an excerpt from a very informative article on the subject of chlorinated water in the shower from the Australian magazine, Nature & Health Vol. 10 No. 4., Issue Summer 1989. Pages 44-49.

The article above was published in the Australian Magazine, Nature & Health. Vol. 10. No. 4., Issue Summer 1989. Article published by: Whedon Young Productions Pty. Ltd. 372 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood, New South Wales 2067, Australia From "One Hundred Years Of Water Chlorination", Pages 44-49, by John F. Ashton, Chief Chemist Australian Food Research Laboratories and by Dr. Ronald S. Laura, Professor in Education, University of Newcastle and Chairman, Sports Medicine and Health Education Committee, Hunter Academy of Sport, New South Wales. 

Rainshow'r Removes Chlorine

We have enlisted the assistance of Rainshow'r shower filters to annihilate 90% or more of the offending chlorine from your bath water. Rainshow'r shower filters are ranked among the highest quality shower filters in the industry. With over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing shower filters Rainshower has built a great reputation with its thousands of satisfied customers. This experience is why you will never see activated carbon being used in any of Rainshower's shower filters. Activated carbon is not recommended for hot water use. Rainshow'r Mfg. Co., Inc. was the first shower filter manufacturer to use KDF in their shower filter and today, non-carbon shower filters are the norm, and KDF the preferred media among shower filter designers. 

Rainshower Employes KDF 55

KDF is comprised of 50% copper and 50% zinc. It removes free chlorine by reversing the electrochemical process that originally separated the chlorine from sodium in a brine solution. The chlorine is recombine with calcium to form a soluble chloride, which washes out of the filter and is harmless to humans. KDF not only offers superior dechlorination capabilities, it lasts much longer than carbon media does. Depending upon the filter model, the amount of KDF, and the water source a KDF shower filter should last seven to nine months.  KDF is also bacteriostatic (inhibits reproduction), and tends to reduce or eliminate fungus and mildew build up in the shower.

Rainshower Employes Crystaline Quartz  

Rainshower also incorporates crystaline quartz technology. The purpose of washed and sun dried quartz crystals is to help "energize" the water by reducing the water's surface tension. This allows for an increase in the sudsuing and lathering of soaps and shampoos. The water has a "lighter" feel, similar to the feeling of softened water. Rainshow'r introduced crystal to the general market through the CQ-1000 shower filter series in March 1998 and to its knowledge was the first to do so. Because of the electron movement caused in shocking the crystal an electrical charge is generated which Rainshow'r believes reduces the size of water molecule clusters. In other words making smaller water clusters from larger water clusters. This is also known as “wetter” water. The evidence to support this is claim is the increased sudsing and lathering that result. As with all the materials used in Rainshow'r products, crystal (silicon dioxide) is completely safe and non-toxic. Not only is its chemical combination non-toxic but because of its hardness it cannot absorb materials which could be harmful. Rainshow'r uses only virgin crystal extracted from a specially selected mine in North America. The crystal is ground and processed to Rainshow'r specifications and shipped to us in two thousand pound lots. It is then washed in chlorine free water again and dried in the sun for at least two days. One ounce of the crystal is added to each CQ-1000 cartridge and layer it at the outlet. It is not integrated into the KDF filtering media.

Shower Head Design

The primary thing to consider when using KDF is "contact time" - the amount of time the media is in contact with the water before it exits the shower head. The longer the water is in the presence of the media, the better the media performs. For optimum results of chlorine removal, the flow rate should be no more than 2–2.5 gallons per minute. 

Amcor massage shower head and hand held shower hose kit


The type of shower head used with the filter is an important factor in controlling flow rate through the filter. The shower head should provide the desired amount of water reduction, while giving the user an acceptable shower delivery. The best results are achieved with a high quality, flow-reduction shower head such as the name brand shower head that Rainshow'r provides.  Therefore we recommend the Whedon and Amcor shower head filters. The Whedon makes a fixed action spray as well as Whedon's hand held hose kit. The Amcor model has a massage action shower head as well as a hand held hose kit.

Whedon's fixed action shower head


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CQ-1000 Cartridge and Housing (No shower head)



In Stock

Complete CQ-1000 Rainshow'r filter with Cartridge, Housing, and designer chromed fixed action shower head by Whedon



In Stock

    Chromed Shower Head by Whedon




In Stock

Complete CQ-1000 Rainshow'r filter with Cartridge, Housing, and massage action shower head by Amcor (white)



In Stock


    Massage Action Shower Head by Amcor (white)



In Stock


Rainshow'r Replacement cartridge for CQ-1000 with Standard ABS plastic (no housing)



In Stock


Rainshow'r Replacement Cartridge for CQ-1000 with Clear Polycarbonate. (no housing)



In Stock



Crystal Bath Ball Filter in 4-color retail box with assorted colors of nylon tricot pouches. Available in Ivory and Aqua. (Pink and lavender as available)



2  Crystal Bath Ball Filter




In Stock


Replacement Crystal Bath Ball Filter Pouch in clear poly bag. Come in assorted colors of nylon pouches with grommet for hanging. Available colors are limited to Ivory and Aqua at this time.



2  Replacement Crystal Bath Ball Filter Bags





In Stock


Hand Held Massage Shower Kit
Kits Include:
  Shower arm bracket
  Shower handle
Connects directly to filter in place of standard shower head. Comes with the Amcor message heads.





In Stock

Hand held shower hose kit with fixed-action spray by Whedon



In Stock


Shower Saver Shut-Off Valve for water conservation and possibly extend the life of your filter cartridge



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