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Omica Shower Filter

Shower head not included

• Helps Reduce: Chloramines, Chlorine, Radiation & Lead
• Twice the filtration Medium of most shower filters
• More head room than most other shower filters
• Invigorating and refreshing experience
• No replacement cartridges needed
• Lasts 8 months, then replace entire filter


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The Omica Shower filter is a great filter for overall reduction of several contaminants that may be in your shower water. While It is primarily a chlorine shower filter it has media in it that are known to reduce several different contaminants, see ingredient list below. This is a new concept in shower filters with materials not traditionally in a shower filter. The filter also doesn't have the traditional replacement shower filter, so you would need to replace the entire unit. This was to allow about 20% more media to be in the filter which would provide 8 months or use instead of the 6 months with systems with a replacement filter. All in all this is a great buy.

Omica Filter Ingredients:
• Shungite: a rare carbon mineral found in only one place in the world, and known since the 18th century for its highly absorptive and anti-bacterial qualities in purifying water.
Activated Coconut Carbon: granular activated carbon from coconuts heated to extremely high temperatures that expand the molecular pores of the carbonized molecule for absorbency of both chlorine and VOCs.
Catalytic Carbon: specially processed and designed to remove chloramine (combination of chlorine and ammonia) from the water along with a strong propensity for reducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as herbicides and pesticides.
Zeolite Powder:, widely used in industry for water purification. It attracts nitrogen and increases oxygen content in addition to absorbing ammonia, a key component in the chemical chloramine. Zeolite also attracts lead and heavy metals in the water, and has been used during radiation relief efforts at Fukushima, Chernobyl, and 3-Mile Island.
Activated Alumina:, an effective silica filtration media that reduces fluoride in the water, depending upon the water’s pH level.
Virgin Quartz Crystals: excellent conductors of energy and electricity that help to energetically align the structure of the water.
KDF 85:  a specially formulated blend of copper and zinc that removes chlorine, lead, and heavy metals from the water through an ion exchange process.

Design Features & Benefits
• Helps Reduce: Chlorine, Chloramine, Radiation, Lead, and other heavy metals
• Twice the filtration Medium of most other shower filters
• More head room than most other shower filters
• Invigorating and refreshing experience
• Reduce fading of color treated hair
• Reduce unpleasant odors from your water
• No replacement cartridges needed, allowing more space for more filtration medium
• New revolutionary design with a special copper tube in the middle of the filter.
• Easy installation
• Average replacement every 8 months, then replace entire filter

Please Note:
Shower head is for display only and is not included with the purchase of the shower filter. After installing filter, the excess filtration medium (dark particles) will dissipate within the first minute of use and will dispel completely after the first few days.

1) Unscrew your existing shower head from the wall fitting.

2) Apply teflon tape (provided) to wall fitting pipe threads (where your shower head was attached).

3) Remove red cap from filter and apply teflon tape to threads.

4) Attach the stainless steel connector of the shower filter to wall fitting (where your shower head was attached).

5) WITHOUT YET ATTACHING YOUR SHOWER HEAD, turn the water on and off several times to allow the water to rinse out any fine black particles of the filtration medium.

6) Attach your shower head to the filter (where red cap was removed).


Omica Shower Filter

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