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Introductory Price $619.00

This mattress is not currently available

with Ultra Long Magnetic Waves, Negative Ionization

Silver Cloth outer layer
Inset with smooth Calcium Ceramic tiles
Thickness of around 3-4cm (1 inch)
Can eliminate harmful electromagnetic waves
Can emit Ultra Long Magnetic Waves (Very Low Frequency)
Negative Ionization Option

The Silver Mattress with Calcium Ceramics is a complex, technologically advanced multi-layered mattress, with circuits to radiate Infrared heat through smooth calcium ceramic tiles. Combines the time-honored floor culture of ancient Asian villages with the luxury leisure culture of modern living spaces.

FIR Silver Mattress: Healing Heat, Versatility & Style

Outfit your spa room, your recreation room, bedroom, or any room with the powerful Silver Mattress with Calcium Ceramics:
folds up for easy storage
easily shift it from space to space
cosy family warmth in the TV room
your meditation mat
a heated yoga mat
perfect for massage (relaxes the muscles)
recuperate from chills or flu on it
ideal for arthritis/rhematism/joint pain
can operate for 8 hours
place it in bed to enhance your sleep in numerous ways


Infrared Silver Mattress
1. Silver Cloth Material (99% Silver)
2. PU/PVC waterproofing layer
3. Calcium Ceramic layer
4. Bamboo Charcoal embedded layer
5. loess non-woven cloth layer
6. Aluminium foil layer
7. Fiber glass layer
8. Silicon heating circuits layer
9. Thermostat layer
10. Sensor layer
11. Hard cotton layer
12. Ultra long magnetic wave layer
13. Hard cotton layer
14. Fabric of oxford waterproofing layer


Why Silver for a Mattress?
Silver yes, the actual metal found in silverware is naturally anti-mite, anti-mold, anti-microbe, and it fights odors too. In particle form, silver is a safe, medically proven antibacterial agent with ions that interfere with the respiratory metabolism of microbes.
Advanced Design
Uses not ordinary wire circuits but silicon heating circuits which emit Far Infrared radiation. With temperature sensor & 2 thermostats, technology to conduct heat evenly.

Negative Ionization Function
Acts rapidly, should you choose a session of ionization (recommended for half an hour or less). Negative Ions for refreshment and sense of well-being

Smooth Calcium Ceramic Inlaid in Fabric Layers
A good radiator of infrared heat
E-Wave Function
Neutralizes electromagnetic waves produced by electrical devices



Heating (temperature adjustment)
1. Connect the controller to the mattress.
2. Turn the temperature knob to 1 (at the triangle), then press Power
button. The power and heating indicator will light up in order.
3. Turn the temperature knob to the desired temperature. Standard
temperature is 5.
4. The heating system's thermostat will keep desired temperature
5. To start timer, press Power button 2 times. If accidentally left
on the timer will automatically shut off after 8 hrs.
6. To turn off, Press Power button 3 times.
Negative Ion Function- Releases Negative Ions to purify the air
1. To start Negative Ionization, press the Negative Ion Button.
2. The Negative Ion function is independent of the ultra magnetic function
and can be used while mattress is on.
Electromagnetic Wave Indicator
1. Get off the mattress and have no contact with the mattress. Grasp The E-wave button (metal button) on the controller with thumb and index finger firmly. Check the electromagnetic wave indicator light.
2. When EMFs are being emitted, the light will be on.
3. To turn off, turn the button either left or right until the light
blacks out or turns gray. It is safe to use when light is off.
4. When the Power is on, before coming in contact with the mattress,
confirm Electromagnetic Waves are not being omitted.
5. To do this, turn the button on the controller

Ultra Long Magnetic Waves Function (VLF)

1. To start the ultra long magnetic wave function, Press VLF button.
2. If heating system is working, it will automatically power off. The heating
system and the ultra long magnetic function will not work simultaneously.
3. If you press the Power button when the ultra long magnetic function is on
it will power off automatically.
4. The ultra long magnetic function will operate for 40 minutes and then shut off
5. We suggest warming the mattress before using the VLF
function for your comfort.

Besides producing heat and light, the Sun also transmits some types of Magnetic Ultra Long Waves. After the Sun has shone on it for billions of years, Earth is also able to emit terrestrial magnetic waves. These magnetic waves are natural waves with extremely long wave lengths, a few thousand times longer than ordinary long waves.Hence we call them Ultra Long Magnetic Waves. These waves are also known as Very Low Frequency waves (VLF), with frequencies in the range close to those of the human body.

Magnetic energy is different from ordinary electric currents. Generally, ordinary current can only flow across the surface of objects. However, Ultra Long Magnetic Waves can penetrate deep into muscles, adipose tissues, bone marrow, etc.

ULW Magnetic exposure will not cause uneasiness such as pain or shock. Instead it gives the user a warm soothing sense of vibration without any side effects at all.

No harmful waves of any kind are emitted by the Silver Mattress with Calcium Ceramics.



 Power Supply  110V
 Dimension  Width x Length x Thickness:100 x 200 x 3(cm)/ 40"x80"x1.2"
 Packing Info  Width x Length x Height: 66 x 100 x 20 (cm )/ 26"x40"x8"
 Weight: 15 kg / 33 lb
 Warranty  One year parts & labor
 Price  $619.00   


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