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The premier full body Far Infrared Mat!

With Patented EMF (electro magnetic field)
Eliminating Technology.

Another way to loose weight and toxins while you sleep.

Prices starting at $935.00

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Click on Detoxifying with FIR waves to learn about the science Far Infrared Technology

VITA-MAT enables full body Far Infrared without the dangers of emf.
Far Infrared Therapy For:
  • Pain Relief

  • Healing Sleep

  • Detoxification

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Improved Circulation

  • Immune System Support

Harnessing the healing power of Far Infrared from natural Jade, Germanium, Charcoal and Yellow Mud!

We started to believe in the detoxifying power of FIR when a man came to our offices and said that he was able to reduce the number of his dialysis treatments by his use of his FIR bed. He hated the many holes that doted his arm from the needles used to pierce his skin to get blood. The man came to get information on one of our water ionizers as he was turned on to the world of cleansing. VITA-MAT is able to liberate acid wastes from the tissue and help you to sweat them out of your pours. Remember to take a bath and wash off those toxins after using the Vita-Mat.

VITA-MAT provides rapid and powerful benefits which can include:

  • PAIN RELIEF- The deeply penetrating gentle heat of the VITA-MAT draws more blood into areas of congestion and pain enabling the body to respond to pain and injury with greater self healing effectiveness. The improved local cellular nutrition, oxygenation and elimination of metabolic wastes that the VITA-MAT induces contributes greatly to supporting the self healing mechanisms of the body


  • HEALING SLEEP- The soft gentle and deeply penetrating FIR soothe the muscles and ease the nervous system promoting a more restful sleep.

  • DETOXIFICATION- Increased circulation and improved oxygenation with increased core body temperature from FIR promote improved exchange of nutrients into cells and the discharge of toxins. Observation from Asia support that FIR has a broad range of benefits in a wide variety of health conditions.

  • DEEP RELAXATION- In just minutes the VITA-MAT will deeply relax the body. Used as day therapy in the home or in a clinic rapid rest and restoration of energy and release of tension is achieved.

  • IMPROVED CIRCULATION - If there was one single factor that could be considered the greatest general contributor to maintaining, improving or restoring health it would be good circulation. The health of the whole system depends on the movement of blood and energy throughout. By dilating blood vessels and penetrating deeply into he body the VITA-MAT increases and strengthens circulation without causing any stress on the system.



    When the jade (one of the materials used to make the VITA-MAT) is heated, it emits long wave far infrared rays that penetrate the body 14 ~ 15 cm ( 5.5 ~ 6 inches ). It makes resonance effects that can revive tissue, promote blood circulation and eliminate harmful waste toxin.

  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT- There is famous saying in medicine dating back thousands of years "give me a good enough fever and there is no disease that I couldn't cure". This wisdom is testimony to the profound healing effects that happen when body temperature rises. Hyperthermia increases the immune response within the body. As core body temperature rises their is corresponding increase in immune chemicals and the self healing abilities of the body become more effective. Today there is a lot of work being done in the area of heat shock proteins and cancer. The VITA-MAT raises core body temperature and gives the user the gift of ripened harvest of one's own immune systems healing chemicals.

  • MASSAGE MAGIC- Use of the VITA-MAT greatly enhances the effects of massage. The tension/relaxation threshold of the body, the point at which the muscles and nervous system go from a tense holding pattern to a relaxed state, is the boundary line that must be crossed in all healing work. Simply put, we can't heal in a tense state. Relaxation and healing go together. Within minutes of laying on the VITA-MAT muscle tension and stress melt away. What could take many minutes to achieve even with the most skilled massage happens in minutes. Bodywork is significantly improved with the VITA-MAT massage size placed on the table.

  • EMF SAFE- the VITA-MAT is a FIR product that uses electricity to generate heat and also eliminates the risks of a high EMF (electro mgnetic field) that comes with the use of electrical devices. The VITA-MAT contains a special patented wire that neutralizes the emf of the electricity. The emf emitted from the VITA-MAT is in the same low gauss range as that of the earth.


  • VITA-MAT 13 Layer Construction

    1. High class Jagard Cloth

    2. Special Hemp Thread for all seasons

    3. Jade Mineral - far infrared wave emissions

    4. Bioceramic - far infrared earth minerals

    5. Charcoal & Yellow Earth cloth

    6. Intercepting Layer for Electromagnetic waves,

    7. Sterilizing Nylon Cotton layer

    8. Fiberglass for thermal panel

    9. Special Thermal Liner to remove Magnetic

    10. Special cloth for neutralizing underground water

    11. Sterilized compression of hard cotton

    12. Waterproof outer cover

    13. Dimensions: 34 inches wide x 75 inches length
          x 1 in. thick


  • Far Infrared ray heat

  • Very comfortable (however please note that the Vita-Mat may be firmer than your bed, and it is not intended to replace your bed)

  • Use it when you sleep

  • Use it on the floor

  • Uses very little electricity - voltage 110/60Hz

  • State of the Art technology

  • Super Conductive Heating - 250 Watt

  • Variable temperature - Range 68 - 149 degrees

  • Light weight - 20 pounds

  • Comes with portable bag

  • Suitable for anywhere you go

  • Only a minute to Setup or Take down

  • Single 34"x75" / Double - 54"x75" w/dual controls



    Single size VITA-MAT 34"x75" $935.00
    Double size VITA-MAT 54"x75" $1,145.00

      Shipping is FREE for USA orders over $100.00 

    The double size Vita-Mat is too large for shipping overseas.

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    Infrared Jade Mattress

     Infrared Silver Mattress

    Vita-Mat Infrared Mattress

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    These Infrared Heat Devices are not medical products. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use any of these products, please consult your physician before using it. The information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor.




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