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Excel IE-900
Alkaline Water Ionizer

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The Excel IE-900 water ionizer is one of the most respected water ionizers in Japan today. It is even rated higher than systems made by Hitachi and Panasonic, two big names in the water ionization business in Japan. It is also one of the most expensive water ionizers in Japan. The IE-900 is clearly the best alternative to the more expensive Leveluk Kangen water system based on the fact that they are based on the same technology. They both use the same cartridge filter and produces the same high quality negatively charged alkaline water as well as super acid water. However while the IE-900 doesn't talk like the Leveluk model it does have a few features which makes it a better choice than the $4,000.00 Leveluk model.  

Excel IE-900 Features
The Excel IE-900 is a powerful water ionizer and the only one in our line up that produces super acid water as low as 2.5 pH acidity. It is not always easy to decide which water ionizer to get, but if you require a water ionizer for antiseptic purposes to replace chemical cleaners or astringent purposes for skin tightening, pimple removal, eczema, psoriasis, athletes foot,  cleaning cuts, nursing burns, and other skin disorders then IE-900 is the simple choice. It is capable of producing the full spectrum of ionized water. It is comparable to other high priced super acid water ionizers, but at an almost $2,000.00 discount. Only the expensive Leveluk models and the IE-900 are designed to produce super acid water. The Excel IE-900 is made in Japan by Impart Group who also makes the IE-300, the IE-400, the IE-500, and the IE-900L. The IE-900 is their pride and joy, their highest end machine and it comes loaded with a powerful microprocessor, large and durable platinum/titanium electrodes to last you a life time, and a feature rich LCD display that customers just fall in love with. People tell us how they simply love the way it looks. The LCD screen features an Oxidation Reduction Potential OPR meter and a pH meter. ORP is considered by many alkaline water experts to be one of the most significant aspects of drinking negatively charged ionized alkaline water. The ORP is what lets ionized water function as an antioxidant by donating an electron to molecules robbed by free radical activity. The IE-900 also comes with an advanced four stage cartridge filter that can clean up to 1500 gallons of water a year depending on the quality of your source water.

Medical Device Approval Authorization
The Excel IE-900 is recognized by the Japanese government as a medical device.  The Japanese Ministry of Health recognizes the IE-900 as a medical equipment and has assigned it the medical equipment No. 21500BZZ00213000. Please note that some of the companies that make water ionizers were first producers of other medical equipment. They were able to demonstrate the health benefits of drinking alkaline water and secure the appropriate government recognition.    

The IE-900 In A Class By Itself
In addition to the quality and craftsmanship that is built into the IE-900 it is really its ability to produce super acid water which sets it apart from the others. As with all the other water ionizers that we sell the Excel IE-900 produces both alkaline and acidic water. The difference between the Excel IE-900 and the other water ionizers that we sell is that it is the only unit that produces super acid water below pH 3.0. This is accomplished by adding salt as explained in the manual. Hence we will focus most of the following discussion on informing you about the benefits of using acid water. You can click on this link to learn more about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Click the play button to "See how super acid water kills bacteria"

Click on here to see other video clips of this informative Japanese news broadcast provided only for educational purposes. Please consult with your health professional for medical advice.

The Acidic Skin of Humans

The following excerpt was taken from Reverse Aging by Sang Whang

Acidic skin prevents bacteria invasion


Our body is designed to perspire through our skin so that the evaporation of the liquid can cool off our body on a worm day. However, perspiration is not just for the maintenance of body temperature. It protects our body against the invasion of viruses and bacteria. Perspiration is one of the means to dispose of acidic waste products. As such it keeps our skin constantly acid, killing viruses and bacteria.


When we have an operation and the skin is cut open, we are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. That's why we get infections after an operation or skin cut, not because the hospital is filthier than our home. Bacteria and viruses are continually all around us. It's our built-in immune system that's keeping us healthy and alive.  

                                                                Page 40


Human skin and acid water


As mentioned before, human skin is acidic, but alkaline soap takes away acid from the skin. To replenish lost acids, I rinse my whole body with half a gallon of acid water after my shower. If taking a bath leaves you with dry skin, add a couple of gallons of acid water to the tub. Rinsing your hair with acid water will give you the effect of a hair conditioner.


If you use acid water for washing your face, the water will keep your skin fresh and clean and will protect your face from acne and discoloration. So-called pH balanced cosmetics are made to be acidic to match with your skin pH. You hear those commercials that talk about "the more you do the dishes, the smoother your hands get". Well, they are not kidding. Those detergents are acidic.


Warm acid water applied for about 20 minutes is good for athletes foot and hemorrhoids. Acid water can decrease insect bite pains and neutralize the poison, and it can be soothing for burns. If you add mint flavor into the acid water, it becomes mouth-wash, and if you add a drop of perfume into the acid water, it becomes toilet cologne. Acid water stops bleeding, and that is the reason why mouth-wash is acidic and so is aftershave lotion.                                                

                     Page 78

Pimples & Super Acid Water
Please note that it is not necessary to use strong acid water on your skin to get the astringent results. Most people purchase a water ionizer for the purpose of drinking alkaline water. We simply want to bring to your attention some of the incredible benefits  of super acid water. Super acid water is great on cuts, bed sores, athletes foot, and sores that just won't heal. Super Acid water can even kill the infamous MRSA bacteria prevalent in many hospitals. Customers who buy the Excel IE-900 water ionizer swear by it. One customer for instance was amazed at how the acid water caused her pimples to "just fall off" in only one week of washing her face with it. Other customers use the Excel IE-900 in their beautician practice. For these reasons we find that women are most often interested in the Excel IE-900. 


Another Reason To Consider
On a more serious note (for both men and women) we believe that the IE-900 water ionizer may prove to be a valuable resource in the event of an out break of skin diseases such as small pox or chicken pox. We are not aware of any study that suggest or proves such a theory, it is only a hunch. After viewing the alkaline water videos you will see why we say this.

More technical information of super acid water ....


Super Oxide Water

Super oxide water is the most effective and benign antimicrobial agent known to Mankind for killing virus and bacteria in homes, clinics, farm and industrial settings. Acidic water is also great human skin


Oxidation Basics:
Oxidation and Anti-Oxidation depend on the difference in energy of transferable electrons. Electron loss refers to Oxidation. Super-Oxide water works on external surfaces in much the same way that Free Radicals naturally work to kill virus and bacteria in the body.

Elegant Solutions to Messy Problems:
Superoxide water is proven effective. It has been lab and production proven in US and Japanese universities and under the strict protocol demands of a Fortune 500 company in the US. Superoxide water replaces many toxic disinfectants is common use. These include peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, benzalkonium chloride, o-phenylphenol, quaternary ammonium, isopropyl alcohol, glutaraldehyde , sodium hypochlorite and others. Contact us for more information.

Hallmarks, Advantages & Disadvantages of Superoxide Water:
There are 3 Hallmarks to the triple synergy of Superoxide Water: (1) low pH 2.9 or less . (2) an ORP of >+1000 mV. (3) Presence of Chlorine sub-species or hydrochlorous solution which is less toxic than chlorine or sodium hypochlorite. Superoxide Water is extremely fast acting and does not leave a toxic or difficult to clean residue. Disadvantage: Superoxide Water completes the job but does not leave a residual chemical shield where required.


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microcluster Testing
measures more absorbent Super-Hydrating Microwater at 6 molecules per cluster.


Superoxide water is uniquely safe for operators and all personnel. There are virtually no associated occupational hazards. It is safe for the environment. Hence, old standard protection measures are no longer necessary. These includes transport, containment, storage and hazardous run-off disposal problems plus associated record-keeping required with conventional chemical supplies. In Japan for example industrial grade water ionizers are used to produce super acid water to treat golf courses. In these cases the application of super-acid water destroy lawn eating bugs and enabling the gradual elimination of environmentally harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 


Veterinary, medical, janitorial, food. cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparation and processing, livestock, janitorial industries. Superoxide Water is suitable for institutional use including hospitals, clinics, farms, meat processing plants, retail establishments, restaurants, fast food outlets, hand sanitization, homeland security, field hospitals and literally thousands of other applications. The IE-900 is an invaluable appliance to have in the home and we recommend it highly.


Excel IE-900 Microwater

  • Model No.: IE-900

  • Medical Device #: 21500BZZ00213000.

  • Available Power Source: 100/120/220/240VAC:50-60Hz

  • Power Consumption: Approx. Max. 200W (Standby under 1W)

  • Dimensions in mm: Width 270mm; Height 300mm; Depth 140mm

  • Dimensions in inches: Width 10 1/2"; Height 11 1/2"; Depth 5 1/2"

  • Weight: Approx 3.2kgs.

  • Built in ORP Meter: Displays ORP on LCD screen

  • Built in pH Meter: Displays pH of water being made on LCD screen

  • Color LCD Display: Changes color depending on water being made

  • Faucet Diverter Features: 3-mode (tap water, shower, purified water) selectable branch tap

  • Electrolysis Plates: 5 Large Platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates

  • Electrolysis System: Continuous with built in sensor

  • Normal Throughput: Alkaline, Acidic & Purified water: up to 5 L/min

  • Strong Acid Water Throughput: 1.0L/min (pressure 0.1Mpa)

  • Strong Alkaline Water Throughput: 2.0L/min (pressure 0.1Mpa)

  • Types of Water Produced: 11 = 4 Alkaline, 4 Acid, non-ionized purified water, Super Acid (below 3pH) , and Super Alkaline (above 11 pH).

  • Electrolysis Cleaning: 30 seconds after use ends

  • Filter Material: Granulated anti-septic activated charcoal +  calcium sulfate.

  • Filter Capacity: 3600 gallons or one year which ever comes first

  • Calcium addition: Forced dissolved adding type

  • Salt addition: Forced dissolved adding type (salt is used for making super alkaline water)

  • 30 Day money back return policy

  • Warranty: One year manufacturer's warranty

  • USA Service Center

  • $2,295.00


IE-900 Water Ionizer

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IE-900 Microwater Ionizer  120V - $2,499.00 ea


IE-900 Microwater Ionizer  220V - $2,599.00 ea


Replacement Cartridge Filter

New Cleansweep filter for IE-Series


New HIGH Performance (AF-9000HP) Cartridge Filter


Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge - Details


Calcium Flakes 15g (one comes with IE-900)


Call us about prefilters options

Other Replacement Cartridge Filters

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We have replacement filters for the following water ionizers that we no longer carry

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