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KYK Harmony Water Ionizer

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This model is no longer available, but we have the replacement cartridge filters.

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IE-900 Ionizer KYK Genesis 25000 KYK Genesis 30000 Life Ionizer 7500 Life Ionizer 5000 Life Ionizer 7000 Life Ionizer 8000 Jupiter Orion Jupiter Aquarius

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KYK Harmony Innovations To Consider


  • The KYK Harmony creates water that is scientifically enhanced to match the activated hydrogen and alkaline chemical structure of the world-famous water of Lourdes, France.

  • The KYK Harmony filter removes 99.99% of pollutants from your drinking water, making it the safest and tastiest available.

  • The electrodes are the most important component to ionization and the KYK Harmony's electrode plates are about twice the size of other water ionizers.

  • The KYK Harmony is the first ionizer to use the advanced SMPS Electrical System.  This is the coolest running electrical system on the US market that will reduce noise, energy consumption, heat related stress, and will expand the average lifespan of the KYK Harmony to an estimated 30 years.  You can also run your KYK Harmony for 40 minutes at a time.

  • The KYK Harmony is approved by the KFDA and the Japanese Health Ministry as a medical device.  It is listed by the FDA as a medical device, manufactured in an ISO certified factory and has all the necessary credentials like UL listed, KGMP and KETI  certification for excellence in medical products, HC international environment certification, KTL approval for industrial technology, and many more.  Just ask.  

  • The KYK Harmony can create an ORP between -400 and -600 in ideal conditions and the preset levels are designed to create the optimal pH and ORP for your body.  The ORP and pH are adjustable to as many as 64 levels.    

  • The smaller water clusters aid in the enzymatic breakdown of food, and makes it easier for the body to digest food and absorb the nutrients.  KYK Harmony water will help the body absorb 30% more nutrients than tap water.

  • At just under two cents a liter, the KYK Harmony will save you money over bottled water and even other water ionizers with shorter lifespans, making it the best value for premium drinking water.

  • The KYK Harmony has an available undersink kit with a beautiful brushed chrome faucet.  

  • The KYK Harmony has a built in mineral port.  The KYK Harmony has won some international product awards. 

KYK Harmony Features

The KYK Harmony Water Ionizer uses five platinized-titanium plates that are double the average size of most other water ionizer's plates (20cm by 7cm) and also thicker. Pictured left, the top plate is the average water ionizer plate size, the bottom is the KYK Harmony plate.

The KYK Harmony measures water intake by actual liters produced instead of using a filter timer like most other water ionizers.  Thus, the KYK Harmony will accurately tell you when to change your filter.

Advanced filtration is essential to premium ionized water. The KYK Harmony uses seven levels of filtration including high quality activated carbon, calcium, antifungal felt, and more. To know more about the KYK Harmony filter,

Most water ionizers use a transformer to supply a direct electrical current to the plates, which inevitably lead to overheating and shortened lifespan.  Just as the human body becomes ill from too much heat or stress, over time a water ionizer will break down from exposure to heat.  The KYK Harmony solves this problem because it is equipped with the SMPS system that does not use a transformer. Thus it reduces not only heat but noise, weight, and loss of power from using a transformer.

The KYK Harmony comes with a built in pH sensor that measures the pH of your water so that the SMPS electrical system can adjust its ionization to it, creating more consistent water.  It even displays the corresponding color on the screen.

Press the function button, and the KYK Harmony will accurately tell you the ORP of your water and also display the color on the screen.

One of the disadvantages of using an ionization-based water device is that it produces water of uneven density and quality, depending on the amount and quality of the water flowing in, which eventually may harm the body.  The KYK Harmony solves this problem by using thicker and larger electrode sheets that automatically control the electrical voltage and current to match the mineral content of the input water, thus producing consistent alkaline water of premium quality.

KYK Harmony Specifications

Name of Model KYK 9040
Mfg Approval Code: 2213
Water supply type: Direct connection to tap water
Warranty: 5 years parts and labor.
Standard voltage: 110V, 50-60Hz
Electrical consumption: 200W
Size: 250(W) x 340 (H) x 145 (D) (mm)
Weight: 3 kg
pH Range: Approximately 2.5 - 12 pH (4-10 pH preset)
Controlling Method: buttons
Maximum Water Temperature: 35 degrees C
Available Water Pressure: 0.7 -- 3kg/cm2
Electrolysis Method: continuous electrolysis with a flow sensor.
LCD Screen: Show text messages, ph levels, state of water flow, number of liters used, and ORP.
Handling Capacity: 2L of alkaline water/minute. 1.5L of acidic water/minute
Electrode Sheet Wash: Automatic washing controlled by MyCom.
Duration: Can handle about 7000L for more or less than nine months (may differ region to region, nation to nation).
Filtering Material: Active carbon (with silver added) that removes residual sodium, fungal smell, organic chemicals, and noxious odor (CaSO3)
Calcium addition: adding calcium for forced dissolution.
Over-Current Detector: Automatically stops the output of electrolytic cells once over current is detected.
Over Temperature Protector: the temperature detector circuit installed inside the SMPS automatically stops the device once a temperature abnormality is detected.
Power Source Protector: Glass Tube fuse
Electolytic Cell: Platinum and titanium electrode
Product Warranty 5 years parts & labor
Return Policy 60 Day Money Back


KYK Harmony Water Ionizer (Model 9040)

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Includes one cartridge filter

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The KYK Harmony is no longer available
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This filter could also be used for the AQ/EC/SP Water Ionizers and is also known as a "Filter K".

KYK Harmony Standard .01 Micron Filter


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KYK Harmony Under Sink Kit

KYK Harmony under sink kit  Out of stock



Flojet Water Pump
The Flojet Water Pump is an optional device that can be used to pump bottled water to your Jupiter water ionizer. To learn more click on the : Flojet Water Pump link

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Other Replacement Cartridge Filters

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