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Life Ionizer 7500
7 Titanium Plates - Dual Filters - SMPS Power System




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IE-900 KYK Genesis 30000 7 Plates KYK Genesis 25000 Life Ionizer 5000 Life Ionizer 7000 Life Jupiter Orion JP109 Jupiter Aquarius JP108
IE-900 Ionizer KYK Genesis 30000 KYK Genesis 25000 Life Ionizer 7500 Life Ionizer 7000 Life Ionizer 8000 Life Ionizer 8100 Jupiter Orion Jupiter Aquarius

What is there not to like about the Life Ionizer 7500. The latest in ionizing technology,  with 7 electrolysis plates, dual filters and SMPS power supply. It is more powerful than its predecessor the Life Ionizer 5000. This machine is poised to rock the water ionizing world. Please give us a call so we may discuss your interest in this model and how we can help you get it in your home.

  1. Seven (7) platinum coated titanium plates

  2. Dual Filter System with nine (9) stages. See below

  3. 8 pH levels - four levels of alkaline, three acidic and one purify mode

  4. Built-in pH Indicator

  5. Flow rate controller and heat sensor to prevent excessive usage

  6. Automatic sensing of incoming water pressure and temperature.

  7. One-touch display

  8. SMPS- Power source that replaces old fashioned transformer. Same high tech electrical system that powers High Definition Television. Produces better quality water and extends system life.

  9. Automatic cleaning

  10. Multi color, full function LED and Digital display

The benefits of ionized water are clear:

  • Reverses the damaged caused by acidification of our bodies

  • Improves hydration though decreased cluster size

  • Increases oxygen/hydrogen angle oxygenates the body

  • Attributed to reduce blood pressure

  • Improves blood sugar levels in diabetics

  • Eases hypertension

  • Read Further studies by linking to our References Section

LIFE Ionizer 7500 Installation

LIFE Ionizer 7500 PDF Manual




  1. Sediment
    Eliminates sediments (mud, rust, sand, etc) 10 microns or larger

  2. Pre-carbon filter
    Absorbs & eliminates various compounds, remaining chlorine taste and odor, THM, etc.,

  3. Activated carbon filters
    Ultra-fine coconut shell carbon, and silver impregnated carbon

  4. Final Stage Sediment filter
    Reduces filter remnants and remaining sediments.



  1. Granular quality carbon filter
    Reduces chlorine taste and odors, fast absorbing, generates low dust.

  2. Pi-ceramic Negative Ion filter
    Generates negative ion, making water clusters smaller

  3. BioMass ball-ceramic filter
    High quality ceramic filter designed for bacteria control

  4. Calcium Powder with Ultra Membrane
    Transforms structure to Hexagonal Water

  5. Special Quality Sediment Filter


Life Ionizer 7500 Alkaline Water Ionizer

Life Ionizer Financing

FREE Bonus Package Includes (Over $240.00 Value)

  • Receive a Free Water Report (If requested, For U.S. Customers Only)

  • FREE extra LIFE Replacement Filters for your Life Ionizer 7500

  • Single Prefilter Housing & Ultra Scale Block pre-filter Cartridge Filter  

  • Free Quality DVD on Alkaline Water. "Vitalize, Energize, Alkalize"

  • Free 40 page Alkalize & Detoxify booklet.

  • SPECIAL BONUS: You'll also get 2 Half-Hour Free "Alkaline Life Coaching Sessions". Learn how to earn an income by helping others drink alkaline water

  • Free Shipping within the U.S. and Canada

International Shipping Information

Life Ionizer 7500 with Bonus Package with UV                 


Out Of Stock

Life Ionizer 7500 with Bonus MESH & UV Options  


Life Ionizer 7500 Replacement Cartridge Filter

Life Ionizer 7500 filter #1 (Free with your new LIFE Ionizer)


Life Ionizer 7500 filter #2 (Free with your new LIFE Ionizer)



The Citric Acid cleaning cartridge is probably one of the most important thing you can use to maintain your alkaline water ionizer. Without regular use of the cleaning cartridge your machine can become calcified and clogged up. It is the customer's responsibility to keep this from occurring.

Life Ionizer 7500 Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge


Anti Scale Carbon Block pre-filter


Carbon Block Pre-Filter


Flojet Water Pump

The Flojet Water Pump is an optional device that can be used to pump bottled water to your Jupiter water ionizer. To learn more click on the : Flojet Water Pump link

Inventory Status: In Stock and ready to ship

Call us about prefilters options

Other Replacement Cartridge Filters

Inventory Status: In Stock and ready to ship

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