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Compatible Replacement Filter for
BHL-2100 Alkazone Water Ionizer

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It should be stated that this filter has the same capacity as the filter from Alkazone. What we suggest is that the customer can try it and see if they like it. Some customers have done this and have returned and ordered it again and very satisfied with the savings. It has the same capacity to remove chlorine and other contaminants as the Alkazone filter.

The filter is constructed of 100% FDA approved materials. Materials are tightly packed into a sixty cubic inch filter to prevent channeling. This filter fits the Alkazone BHL 2100 Water Ionizer.

The Four-Stage Granulated Activated Carbon is manufactured under specially controlled conditions. The 1-3 stages removes chlorine and organic materials, chemicals and the Fourth stage is silver impregnated to prevent bacterial growth in the filter. Contaminants as small as 1 micron in size (15 times smaller than a grain of sand) can effectively be removed from your water. The water ionizer filter also absorbs hazardous chromates, sulfates, chlorine, rust, sediment, and other organics.

      Weight   18 ounces
      Size   Fits only BHL-2100
      Capacity   1,000 gallons
      Post-Filter   1 Micron spun wound polypropylene
      Flow Rate   1 gpm (gallon per minute)
      pH   8-10.5

Note that in areas of heavy sediment, the very fine mechanical filter can become clogged up, so that you would have to replace the filter sooner than 1000 gallons. The standard filter which comes with the machine provides mechanical filtration down to 1 micron, and is otherwise based on Granular Activated Caron, for efficient removal of chlorine and organic chemicals. Contact your distributor or BHL for pre-filters to address other water quality issues, including fluoride, heavy metals, sediment etc, and how to identify water quality issues in your area.

Generic BHL-2101 Replacement Cartridge Filter

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Generic BHL-2101 Alkazone Replacement filter



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