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Pure Porte II (Artesian Gold)
Replacement Cartridge Filters & Accessories

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Our objective on this page is to help you maintain your Pure Porte II Microwater unit running at peak performance. Most Artesian Gold Pure Porte II ionizers are at least 7 years old, so maintaining your machine should be one of your objectives as well. Everything (advice and products) associated with maintaining your Pure Porte II will be on this page.

Change your filter at least once a year:
Some customers do not change the cartridge filter just because the machine did not prompt them to change the filter. If you are one of those people you most likely have been drinking chlorinated tap water and your filter probably has grown some bacteria in it. PLEASE NOTE: the cartridge filter should not be used beyond one year regardless of whether your machine alerts you to change the filter. So change your filter at least once a year at the very minimum. There are several filters available that can be used in the Pure Porte II. The one we like most is the one made in Korea. It enhances the taste of the water. The manufacturer makes this filter for customers in Korea. This filter works in all the IE series water ionizers as well as the Kangen water ionizers. We also have American made filters that are also of great quality. To place your order click here or scroll down.

Keep The Electrolysis Plates In Your Machine Clean:
Do you remember what it tasted like when you just got your new Pure Porte II? The water tasted great but more importantly you could feel the difference. You may have cut or completely eliminated the use of certain medications. You had a new machine and the electrolysis plates were squeaky clean so the water got to touch every inch of the plates which ionized the water completely. As time passes and depending on your source water Calcium and other minerals may have attached themselves to the electrolysis plates creating a thin or think barrier between your plates and the water. This will eventually lead to your machine not being able to ionize the water at its optimally. This is why some machines don't produce alkaline water any more or the ORP is not what it should be. This means your water is not anti-oxidant anymore. This is where the cleaning cartridge comes in. We suggest that if you have hard water that you use this cleaning cartridge every time you change your change regular filters. You can use the alkaline water testing kit to test your machine and see if some old fashion cleaning is what your machine needs to get it running at peak performance. To place your order click here or scroll down.

Change Your Hoses Every Now And Then:
Have you ever look inside the hose of your water ionizer? If you are not prepared to change the hose now then don't look in them. Generally speaking although it looks dirty inside the water flowing through it is clean, but every few years it is not a bad idea for you to change both the inlet and outlet hoses of your water ionizer.

Faucet Diverter:
We carry two kinds of faucet diverters that works with the Pure Porte II, Millennium, 702 as well as other Japanese made ionizers such as the H2O Panasonic Microstructured, Enagic/Kangen models such as Leveluk DX II, SD501, etc. These faucet diverters are a life saver when suddenly your diverter breaks. To place your order click here or scroll down.    

Pure Porte II Replacement Cartridge Filter

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Pure Porte Filter Options:

CleanSweep Cartridge Filter for Pure Porte II ionizer


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HIGH Performance (AF-9000HP) Cartridge Filter


PREMIUM Lead & Mercury Removal Cartridge Filter


ULTRA Performance 0.5 Micron Cartridge Filter 


Calcium Flakes 15g


Cleaning Cartridge

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Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge - Details


Metal Faucet Diverter
Microwater Metal Faucet Diverter for Toyo Ionizers



Original Toyo Metal Faucet Diverter

This diverter sports three options shower, solid pure, and diverted to machine. It is elegant and makes your machine function and look like new.

Plastic Faucet Diverter for Pure Porte II        



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Water Ionizer Accessories: Diverters, Hoses, Test Kits, etc.

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